Westcloud Arts & Consulting

You will find your support toward a clean bill of cross cultural health with us!

Contact information: P.O. Box 12456           Denver, Colorado 80212        ph. 720-938-0233

see our Facebook page!     https://www.facebook.com/WestcloudArtsConsulting?ref=hl        Email: rumbera2@q.com

                                Sherryl N. Weston, MA, LCSW

 She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Denver.  Her primary interest in her first career was emotionally and behaviorally disordered latency age children and adolescents.  She has spent many years in advocacy-oriented social work where she developed an interest in cultural competence issues.  Counseling focus: sobriety coaching, domestic violence, relationships and depression. Training focus: the developmental process of becoming an ally, multicultural identity, internalized oppression, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.


 Featuring a holistic approach on:

  • Personalized counseling for every culture and class (sliding scale available);
  • Sobriety Coaching
  • Behavioral intervention in school and home settings.
  • Cross cultural communication and mediation, specializing in regions with shifting demographics;
  • Key cross-cultural practices and cultural appropriation, (i.e. in Latin/Afro-Cuban music & dance);
  • Made-to-order staff development with in-depth inclusiveness focus, including “How Internalized Oppression Affects Workplace Performance”;
  • Biracial/bicultural/bilingual identity issues-all groups;
  • All gender and sexual orientation concerns, with
  • A training team that reflects a full range of race, class, gender and spiritual orientations, and
  • Spanish, Amharic, Tigrina and Bulgarian language abilities in co-facilitators.



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